Exchequer Analytics equips decision-makers across your organisation with easy access to your key business intelligence in easy-to-understand formats.

As your business generates soaring volumes of data, Exchequer Analytics is an invaluable tool to help you collate, understand and interpret this data, putting you in control of your business performance.

From data to knowledge

Exchequer Analytics provides a better way to present and view your KPIs. It unleashes the business data you collect every day around core financials, stock, customers and suppliers…and transforms it into intelligence that can be analysed at a summary or detailed level.

With Exchequer Analytics together with our Microsoft SQL edition of Exchequer, you can present your KPIs in the ideal format for your business users. By making information instantly meaningful, it gives your managers every support to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and profitability.

Discover a smarter way to work

By providing unrivalled view and drill-down capabilities, Exchequer Analytics helps you to make faster, better informed business decisions. It monitors key metrics from a separate data warehouse, built directly from your source data and automatically updated from your source system on a scheduled basis.

Your day-to-day operational reporting continues alongside the new management analysis that is achievable using Exchequer Analytics.


What our clients say

"Finol invested in Exchequer software over 5 years ago, and Exchequer continues to grow and adapt to our unique and ever changing business requirements. The extended functionality allows us to use Exchequer software as a central hub for the majority of our business software requirements."

Finol Oils, Dublin 12

"With the live OLE links to Excel we have cut our inputting time at month end by up to 60% and enabled accurate and timely cost centre and departmental end-user reports at complex project/donor levels for our management team and donors."

Focus Ireland, Dublin

"Exchequer Software provides us with everything we need for our Accounting purposes. We have now decided to expand our use of the software. We are developing an e-commerce website hand in hand with Exchequer. This has been a smooth process so far and everything is exactly as explained at our initial meeting. Excellent... first class service!"

Enchanté Ltd, Co. Down