Exchequer for Food & Beverage

Balancing supply & demand in fluctuating market conditions

Managing the complexities of supplying perishable products without strong supporting systems eats into already tight margins.

Exchequer Software provides companies in the food and drink sector with the tools to make their business proactive, efficient and ultimately more profitable. They gain greater management control through flexible and customised reports. Created in minutes, these reports put up-to-date management information from across all areas of the business at managers' fingertips.

An integrated suite of modules

Testimonials from our
Food & Beverage Clients

We now ensure traceability from each load of fresh produce delivered right through our production to deliver to the customers.
 Milne Foods, Offaly
At production level, we work with different bills of materials for the various products, with each ingredients set out for product consistency...Exchequer provides accurate tracking of all batches and shipments, which is essential, especially for the very strict equirements of the US FDA as well as Revenue and Customs & Excise.
Terra Ltd, Cavan
Now we are able to keep track of the separate accounts for each store while sending a single bill each month to head office. Exchequer makes it easy to invoice a number of accounts all at once over EDI... Exchequer has made us much more agile and better able to adjust products lines in response to market demand.
 JM Food Services, Navan
It’s very easy to use, it’s bright, it’s friendly and it’s easy to learn. It’s fantastic for the financial side of things, for the processing of orders, quotes, right through to EDI for your invoices and also for credit control.
Greenfield Foods, Monaghan

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