Email marketing software for Exchequer

Every support to run successful email marketing campaigns

Whether it is welcoming new customers, cross-selling or turning prospective clients into committed customers, email marketing has become an essential component in your marketing toolkit.

Email marketing software for Exchequer gives you everything you need to plan, design and edit, preview and test, spam test, and analyse your email campaigns. It helps you to maintain a dialogue with your target audience once they have opened and clicked through on an email.

Complements your CRM system

Information gathered through email marketing is stored on your CRM system at the contact level. So you can see the prospect’s or customer’s response to your email (opens, clicks, page views, survey submissions…) and notify your sales staff to follow up appropriately.

Conversely, you can use the data stored on your CRM system to ensure your email campaigns are targeted at the most receptive audience with the messaging they want to hear.

End-to-end support for your email marketing strategy

From designing your email to capitalising on the results, your email software will support you every step of the way :

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