Software for mobile working

Equip your teams, customers and partners with up-to-date business information

When your employees are working in the field, on the road or at home, they need access to the same business information as their office-based colleagues.

Now you can support mobile working, mobile sales and mobile customer relationship management by providing employees with the latest customer and prospect information and enabling them to submit orders and other information, too.

Mobile working software delivers the information contained in your ProspectSoft CRM solution to staff working away from the office, using a unique system of replication. Changes to the database are monitored and updated as and when there is an internet or FTP connection.

Give authorised users the advantage of secure, remote access to information


We have four sales reps on the road, two outside Dublin, and they have now moved to iPads. They are faster to boot up, have longer battery life than laptops, and the CRM gives them all the information they might need on screen in a matter of seconds.
 GARO Ireland, Dublin

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