CRM – Document Management

Capitalise on your business communications, with a unified store of documents

ProspectSoft Document Management software integrates with Exchequer to enable you to manage and share almost any type of document including emails, Microsoft Word files, PDFs and more. With documents being stored in a central location, everyone in your business will be able to access a file quickly and easily.

But the solution does much more than securely storing documents. You gain greater consistency in the quality of your communications. Whether you're producing sales proposals, project specifications or simple emails, they will all be produced to the same quality every time, whether you're contacting a single customer or approaching thousands of prospects.

Documents can be controlled, version-tracked and, if necessary, made secure either by password-protection or by selected CRM user groups. Access to documents can be securely extended to your network of customers, partners and suppliers.

Maximise the value of your documents


We find ProspectSoft CRM the complete solution for all of our sales and service business. It is an adaptable and customisable product which allows us to grow the business with CRM reliability. Its seamless link to exchequer is an added bonus and helps us to track all of our stock and control our pricing.
 GNA Analytical Ltd, Co. Longford
We also have the ability to track questions like: ‘What are customers not buying from us that they could be?’ At another level, we can see any trends or if a particular problem has occurred previously ...
 GARO Ireland, Dublin

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