Exchequer eWorkflow suite

The smarter way to manage your purchasing, expense & timesheet processes

Exchequer eWorkflow is a suite of web-based approval modules designed to improve efficiency, save time and cut costs in three key areas: timesheet management, expense management and purchasing, along with the associated approvals process. eWorkflow modules are available as both hosted and on-premise options.

Using a web browser, your team can efficiently carry out these requisitions and approval decisions, when working on-site, at home or out on the road. Data accuracy increases as time and expenses are recorded as they are incurred, rather than mobile and remote employees having to catch up with paperwork when back in the office.

Automate the flow of time-consuming processes

Approvals are streamlined as eWorkflow automatically routes approvals to the appropriate authoriser, according to a consistent rules-based workflow. Managers and administrators can view and approve expenses online from any location, improving control and visibility. You can set multiple and tiered levels of authorisations by role, department, user or value.

All three modules offer integrated scanning and archiving of supporting documentation such as invoices and receipts, flexible reports, a management dashboard and the ability to set alerts, and scan invoices/receipts during the approval process. They integrate seamlessly with your Exchequer solution, meaning that data only ever needs to be entered once.

What our clients say

All of this has not only saved time and effort, it has ensured that all of our procurement and expenditure is properly and automatically accounted for in the system and is quickly and easily auditable.
 Jim Quill, BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mhara)

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