Exchequer Management Reporting & Alerts

Equip decision-makers with solid, easy-to-understand information and detailed reports

Exchequer collates and distributes real-time information automatically and directly to your everyday business applications, providing a firm foundation for decision-making. You spend your time using data, not collating it.

Powerful, real-time financial reporting has never been so easy. Microsoft Excel links dynamically to the financial management data held within Exchequer to produce instant, live financial management reports, while proactive alerts help you to respond rapidly to customers’ needs and prevent issues from escalating. View the big picture or drill down to the detail.

Comprehensive business intelligence at your fingertips

You can configure system alerts and triggers based on your own criteria to stay in tune with all areas of your business. Receive scheduled reports on all your key performance indicators (KPIs) and be free to get on with the job without having to constantly check your stock levels, bank balance, customer accounts.

In addition, you have live links to Microsoft Excel with full password protection from within Exchequer. This means you can drill down from Excel into underlying General Ledger data and save back nominal journals into Exchequer. Tasks such as globally updating the credit limits of all your customers can be achieved in minutes from a single simple spreadsheet. You’ll have the advantage of instant Excel reporting without needing to purchase additional system licences.

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