Exchequer Business Management Solutions are a leading accounting and business software provider. We tailor award-winning accounting and business solutions to help organisations in all industries compete locally and on the world stage.

Today, over 1,500 organisations across Ireland use our integrated solutions to manage their accounts and run their business operations. They operate in sectors including distribution, food & beverage, not-for-profit, financial services, contracting, construction, agriculture…and many others.

Our heritage

First launched in Ireland in the 1980s, the Exchequer accounting solution offers a truly integrated range of innovative solutions to help companies to cope in a rapidly changing operating environment.

We're proud of our reputation as one of the most trusted and successful suppliers of accounting, business, payroll and CRM systems in the Irish mid-range market and work hard to retain this standing.

Going from strength to strength

Our multi-award winning Exchequer Accounting & Business Software is complemented with business solutions that support our customers in the areas of CRM, payroll, eCommerce, warehousing, workflow approval, manufacturing and ePOS (electronic point of sale). Over the last 17 years have worked closely with the technology partners behind these solutions to ensure their full integration with Exchequer. All solutions supplied by Exchequer Business Management Solutions are fully supported by us here in Ireland.

As the commercial world evolves, and tough market conditions prevail, we continually invest in our teams and services to remain responsive to our customers.

We regularly poll our customers' views to help us keep our solutions aligned with the needs of Irish businesses. They tell us...

  • "The support team are very responsive."
  • "Thank God for Exchequer! We've never looked back since we bought it."
  • "We selected Exchequer over Sage and Pegasus because of the flexibility to add 'hooks' to customise the software to our specific needs."
  • "It's a complete package for all our business needs – not just accounts."
  • "OLE (Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding) - has transformed reports production."
  • "It gives us great detail on purchase invoices relating to jobs and stock analysis."

Exchequer financial and accounting software is a product of Advanced Business Solutions. Exchequer solutions are fully supplied, implemented and supported throughout Ireland by Exchequer Business Management Solutions; an Ultimate True Partner of Advanced Business Solutions.

Exchequer reseller

What our clients say

"Finol invested in Exchequer software over 5 years ago, and Exchequer continues to grow and adapt to our unique and ever changing business requirements. The extended functionality allows us to use Exchequer software as a central hub for the majority of our business software requirements."

Finol Oils, Dublin 12

"With the live OLE links to Excel we have cut our inputting time at month end by up to 60% and enabled accurate and timely cost centre and departmental end-user reports at complex project/donor levels for our management team and donors."

Focus Ireland, Dublin

"Exchequer Software provides us with everything we need for our Accounting purposes. We have now decided to expand our use of the software. We are developing an e-commerce website hand in hand with Exchequer. This has been a smooth process so far and everything is exactly as explained at our initial meeting. Excellent... first class service!"

Enchanté Ltd, Co. Down